I’m a content & copy writer who challenges everything to bring the truth to consumers.

I love that moment when you’re reading a journal article and you discover a behavioural insight that changes your perspective.

Like price isn’t the main driver in second-hand clothes shopping. Or that young people’s dread of the future has nothing to do with climate change, war, or whatever the current crisis is. They’re scared of their potential to do good and bad.

This is how I start most projects.

Through running my vegan confectionary shop, I became ardent about FMGCs innovators and the shift to a D2C model. I spotted too many weak product descriptions and wanted to do something about it. That’s why I’m currently writing a book to offer guidance.

When I’m not writing, I’m sampling coffee and chocolate from around the world. Coco Chocolatier’s Columbian is my current favourite.

I’m currently seeking work with FMGCs (agency, in-house, or freelance). If you’d like to work together, let’s start with a quick email.