Joshua Allerton

Freelance SEO Consultant

Maximize your online potential and boost your business's visibility with a freelance SEO consultant dedicated to driving organic growth. 

With expertise in keyword research, on-page optimization, and strategic content, I'll help you dominate search engine rankings and attract targeted traffic that converts.
How I can help you


SEO Consultancy

Maximize your online potential with expert SEO guidance and strategic insights to optimize your website, increase visibility, and drive tangible results.

Content Strategy

Enhance your brand's storytelling with a comprehensive content strategy. 

SEO Audit

Uncover hidden opportunities and optimise your website's performance with our thorough SEO audit.

Keyword Research

Harness the power of strategic keywords to boost rankings, attract qualified traffic, and increase conversions.

Digital PR

Amplify your online presence and credibility through effective digital PR strategies, including quality backlink building and media coverage.

Local SEO

Dominate your local market and attract customers in your area with our specialized local SEO services.

eCommerce SEO

Drive success for your online store with tailored eCommerce SEO services that increase visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Website Migrations

Seamlessly transfer your website to a new platform or domain without compromising SEO value or rankings

Blog Writing

Fuel your content marketing strategy and engage your audience with captivating and informative blog posts.
The man behind the action

About Me

With over 2 years of experience in SEO, I specialize in content strategy and on-page optimization. What sets me apart is my revenue-focused approach. I believe in generating tangible results and increasing income, rather than solely focusing on rankings. I've executed successful content strategies that led to a 13% increase in total sales value for a cardboard box manufacturer and achieved a remarkable 24.62% revenue growth through organic search for a £1m+ turnover B2B business over 6 months.

My passion for SEO extends beyond client work. I currently manage three SEO side projects, including content and eCommerce websites. This allows me to experiment with cutting-edge concepts like AI and knowledge bases before applying them to client sites.

I understand that every client has unique goals, whether it's gaining share of voice or launching new products. That's why I prioritize achieving your specific objectives, rather than just delivering results in the search engine results pages.

Let's collaborate to take your online presence to new heights and drive real revenue growth. Get in touch today!
Knowledge Base

Learn SEO with me

SEO is a massive topic. With loads of questions, I answer as many as I can through this blog.