J Allerton

Take your vegan brand to the next level with content marketing

Through blog writing, email automation, and even copy, I'm the vegan that convinces everyone to try. 

I'm a freelance vegan food writer.

After running a vegan sweet shop for 2 years, I've returned to my marketing roots. Just as I built Alleway's, I want to help other vegan food brands to rise to the top. When not crafting the next perfect blog, I'm hunting for next awesome food place that deserves a little marketing push.
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Vegan fish and chips from No Catch in Brighton

What I do

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My approach

I let the food do the talking. As a vegan, I'm a huge advocate of animal and environmental welfare - as well as the health benefits vegan does for us.

But, I don't think that's how we convince people to try vegan. We have to win them over with the food themselves.

And that's exactly what I do.
This is what I stand for

Growing a vegan food brand is hard.

Nearly one in four food brands launched in the UK hold a vegan claim.

The market is getting competitive, but that also means the opportunity is too. Brands don't win based on product alone - they win based on marketing. I've seen some amazing vegan foods go off the market, not because they were bad, but because they couldn't get the word out enough.

I don't want that to happen again. That's why I love marketing. With the right strategy, you can get in front of people's faces - even without paid ads. There's a lot of people in the UK who are looking for plant-based and vegan alternatives, food that will help them switch. With so many questions, they're frantically searching the internet, talking to friends, and even buying recipe books.

If your brand is helping them answer those big questions, you'll always be top of mind. And, when they're ready to give vegan a go, you'll be the first brand they'll look for.

That's how I help vegan brands like yours grow.

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J Allerton
The vegan that convinces everyone to try.
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