J Allerton


A vegan food and drink writer showcasing the best innovators of our era.

Why I write about vegan food and drink?

I ran a vegan sweet shop for two years. In that time, I met many innovators trying to change the world one dish at a time. Vegan was rooted in who they were, but it's never forced on you - their food does the talking.

Shutting the shop left me gutted. I knew these innovators needed an outlet. They needed a limelight casted on them to help our shared mission of making vegan second nature.

Reading publications like the Financial Times highlighted the lack of vegan food and drink writers. At least in large publications and fine dining. We seemed absent from that space.

I want to fill that void. With 8 years experience of writing and my determination for veganism, I've shifted into this space to make a mark - not for me, but for the innovators.

It goes without saying that I'm vegan. But I don't focus on selling the moral, environmental, or health argument. I believe the food we make does the talking for us. That's why I focus on.


  • Vegan confectionary owner for 2 years
  • Freelance writing for 8 years
  • Worked in SEO full time since May 2022


  • Wolverhampton, UK


  • Exploring towns to find their hidden gems
  • Brewing the finest espressos
  • Experimenting with productivity and organisation

Favourite place

  • London for the bustle
  • Any village in Shropshire for the stillness

Greatest accomplishment

  • Beating Cancer twice

Writing inspiration

Life goals

  • Move to Kuching, Malaysia
  • Write a recipe book
  • Launch my own coffee and chocolate brand
J Allerton
The vegan that convinces everyone to try.
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