J Allerton

Blog writing for brands who want vegan to be second nature.

Not everyone is vegan, but they'll love your product. Through blog writing that covers all steps of the funnel, I'm the vegan that convinces everyone to try. 

Introduce your business

Your food does the talking.

No taking the moral high ground here. Just real discussion about real food. Written to please your Grandad and your niece. Read by everyone.

One monthly fee.

Clients auto-pay with no invoices to chase. No need to track bill dates. No disruption to our work.

No hassle.

Simple onboarding. Everything managed from day one. Built for start-ups who need to focus elsewhere.

Delivered on time.

If the deadline is missed, you get it for free. It's a promise.


Ready Meal
for start-ups
1500 - 2000 words
2 edits per article
SEO optimised
Meta title and description included
£800 /month
Main Course
for small business
3000 - 4000 words
2 edits per article
SEO optimised
Meta title and description included
1 featured image included/article
normally £1600 £999 /month
for fast growth
7000 - 9,000 words
2 edits per article
SEO optimised
Meta title and description included
1 featured image included/article
£2200 /month

Bespoke packages available to meet business needs.

PAYG available for £375 per 1000 words with one edit.

£100 on boarding fee required.


How many blog posts do I get per month?
This depends on your package and your strategy. On average, a blog post is around the 1200 mark. If you're creating a pillar, you may want more words, whereas spoke content may require less. This is why I deliver on word count, rather than blog count.
Why do you have a set up fee for PAYG?
It sucks when you devote so much energy into a brand for just one blog post. The set up fee covers the time spent familiarising myself with your brand whenever you order. Retainers are exempt.
How can I guarantee the output of your work?
I operate a strict deadline policy. If I don't meet it, you'll get the full deliverable for free.
Will you do a writing test?
No. My portfolio and blog adequately displays the quality I deliver. However, if we're exploring a different sector to my portfolio, I'm more than happy to have a chat.
Are you vegan?
Yes. I also used to run a vegan sweet shop in Birmingham. In fact, that's what led me to write for other vegan brands. I didn't want to stop showcasing the best vegan innovators in the world.

I'm the vegan writer that convinces everyone to try.

Get more people excited to try your products. Whether it's email sign ups, social media follows, or more time on your site, our blog posts help.
Introduce your business

Only 37% of businesses survive their first 10 years.

Whilst it's easy to start a business, it's harder to grow it.

Most vegan brands face three challenges

1. Getting their brand known
2. Convincing people to try
3. Encouraging repeat purchase

That's why I offer blog writing - to help vegan brands be loved across the world.

Now it's your turn to make vegan become second nature. I'd love to help.


- Joshua Allerton

Vegan Food & Drink writer

J Allerton
The vegan that convinces everyone to try.
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