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Know how to take your SEO to the next level.

Joshua's consultancy helps you understand your current SEO position and how to action your next steps.

Introduce your business

A complete SEO audit.

Nothing is left out. We delve deep into your website to identify issues and how to fix them. From content to technical, findings are reported jargon-free.

A fresh pair of eyes.

Tunnel vision happens to us all. All it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to stop the one action holding your back. Or offer a perspective that propels your growth.

Your business objectives in mind. Always.

I start at the beginning: driving sales and growth. No guessing or spraying. My recommendations are made to achieve your goals - not vanity metrics.

Video reports that you keep forever.

No more "what did he say we had to do?". You'll have a video report that you can watch again and again. Future you will thank you.


Recipe Box
for small businesses
Full SEO Audit
2 hours email support to ask questions
Priority to-do lists each month
Monthly reports
£450 /month
Food Box
for priority support
Full SEO Audit
4 hours priority email support
How-to videos to guide you
Priority to-do lists each month
Monthly reports
Access to discounted ad-hoc work
normally £900 £675 /month
for solving big problems
Snapshot of SEO Performance
Audit with one main problem in mind
SEO Content & Technical Audit
Link Audit
Query and cluster analysis
UX Audit
Video to download and keep forever
Actions document
28 days support to clarify points


What is an SEO Consultant?
An SEO consultant performs an search engine MOT on your website. They figure out why or why not you're ranking for specific keywords and advise how to improve it. 

Some companies use SEO consultants for a quick snapshot of their SEO. Other find specialists who can solve a specific problem.
What does an SEO consultant do?
Which package is for me?
If you've got a team who can do all the work, you'll want to go with Inspector. It'll give you a snapshot and an understanding on what to do next.

Recipe Box and Food Box are for smalll businesses who have some time to do the work themselves. In some case, they have a one-person marketing team who needs a little guidance on SEO. If you want more support (and sometimes work) from me, Food Box is best.
How quickly do you reply to support emails?
I aim to reply in 2 working daya. If it's going to take longer - say, I have to make a video for you - I'll let you know asap and give a solid timeline.
How do you measure the hours for email support?
I use a time tracking device for all my work. If you go one second over, I'm not going to stop supporting you. However, if the average monthly support usage keeps exceeding your allowance, we'll have a chat to find a solution.

Smash your SEO out of the park with consultancy from me

SEO is a piece of pie. Sometimes, you have to break the pie down to it's raw ingredients to know where you're going wrong. With me, we'll find the right ingredients to topple your opponents from #1.
Introduce your business

SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media.

Whilst it's easy to build a website, it's harder to get traffic.

Three common obstacles stop websites from ranking

1. The owner doesn't understand SEO
2. The marketing team gets tunnel vision
3. They're not prepared to play the long-game

That's why I offer SEO consultancy - to guide brands to the top of SERPs.

Now it's your turn to dominate the search engines. I'd love to help.


- Joshua Allerton

SEO Consultant

J Allerton
The vegan that convinces everyone to try.
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