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What is an SEO Consultant?

Joshua Allerton
January 25, 2023

An Search Engine Optimisation Consultant listens to your SEO problems, investigates them, and provides a solution. They're dedicated experts in their field with track-record of executing SEO strategies that win.

Their three main activities are:

  • Finding solutions to your problems
  • Developing a strategy to fixing them
  • Conducting an MOT on your site

Let's break them down.

Finds solutions to your problems

Imagine you have a health problem. First you'l see your GP who will assess you before pointing you in the direction of the correct consultant. That consultant specialises in a specific area to give you the best advice.

In marketing, it's the same. You notice your marketing is underperforming and you don't know why. You may reach out to your internal marketing team or even a marketing consultant (similar to a GP). Using their broad and general knowledge, they might identify that SEO is worth looking at.

That's when you come to an SEO Consultant. You've spotted a problem with your SEO and you don't know how to solve it. It's the SEO Consultant's job to find the solution.

Develops a strategy

SEO Consultants go further than just telling you the solution. They develop a strategy to achieve it. This is the most valuable takeaway from hiring an SEO Consultant. You have actions that you (or your team) can execute and have confidence it'll fix your problem.

Conducts an MOT on your site

SEO Audits can be a stand-alone service. The main difference is audits tell you what's wrong, and not how to fix it. They're the diagnosis, not the treatment.

However, any consultant will conduct an audit before delving deep into the problem. It provides a complete snapshot and ensures we don't miss any obvious errors. It prevents tunnel-vision from ruining your SEO progress.

SEO consultants don't execute

An SEO Consultant does not execute the solutions. Generally. You may discuss this after the consultancy is over, but it's not normally considered part of the service.

The main benefit of an hiring a consultant is the fresh pair of eyes. You may have the best SEO team in the world, but a fresh pair of eyes can rip their tunnel vision away and highlight areas they've missed. This can be the difference between you and your competition.

What's the difference?

It can get confusing with so many services floating around. With consultants, agencies, and freelancers all trying to win your business, it's good to start from basics.

Let's compare each type of SEO business to see what's right for you.

SEO Consultant vs SEO Agency


  • Both can offer consultancy
  • Both will craft strategies for execution
  • Both specialise in SEO


  • SEO Consultant is a traditionally one person, whereas an SEO Agency is a collective of SEO Specialists
  • SEO Agencies focus on retainer work
  • An agency will execute a strategy, whereas a SEO Consultant will craft one
  • An agency may have access to other disciplines to help, such as design, development, and PPC.

SEO Consultant vs Freelance SEO


  • Both are traditionally one-person bands
  • Both offer fresh pair of eyes to your SEO


  • Freelance SEO Experts will carry out the work
  • Freelance SEO Experts may specialise in one area of SEO
  • Whilst Freelance SEO may be open to one-off work, they prefer retainers

SEO Consultant vs In-house SEO team


  • Both have a passion and specialism in SEO


  • In-house SEO requires a salary and HR work
  • In-house requires management
  • You'll have to pay for tools and subscriptions when opting for in-house
  • SEO Consultant are normally hired for one-off projects
  • With an in-house team, actions are executed quicker across departments

Do I need an SEO consultant?

Can't figure out why your SEO is not growing?

Need a fresh pair of eyes to find the answer?

Just starting out on SEO and need guidance?

Want to know if SEO is worth it for your company?

You need an SEO consultant.

I offer SEO consultancy on a per day and per project basis. At the end, you'll walk away with an action document to help you and your team get started right away. You'll also have a video that you keep forever.

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